Why we are buying so many clothes? If you are curious, you should read this article.

Why do you shop so often? One of the reasons might be the fact that it gives you an incredible pleasure and boosts your mood. Unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t look so good as it seems.

I’m sure that many of us have closets that cannot close, and if we need something, we don’t have anything to wear. I know. I had that too. Many of mismatched clothes, uncomfortable, bad sizes that worsening our body type? That’s how I used to describe my closet. Despite many pieces of one part of dress, I used to wear only few things, wash it and wear it again. The rest of my stuff was just lying deep down in my wardrobe waiting for better occasion (great party, but only if I will look like ideal waxwork), or for worse moment (for example when I will be cleaning my windows!) Similarly – the same with cosmetics. How I could get out of that endless circle?

The most important part is to realize, that shopping (despite boosting mood) have another purpose!

I used to go shopping because I was sad, had bad mood, I had a fight with a friend, something went wrong at my work or I didn’t pass my exam. I used to go to the shopping center and buy something on the spur of the moment, because I thought that this cloth was quite ok. Quite ok? It is not enough, don’t you think? Of course it was, cause I put it on maybe two times or even not. You know what I mean?

There was also “tragic”, temporary time, when I’ve started to realize that there is nothing noteworthy in those stores! And in that moment, I couldn’t find anything in whole shopping center, anything that was nice, good quality, good sized and price approachable. And then I started to be more depressed than before going out (I was even devastated, because my problem solving strategies wasn’t working anymore!)

The last stage was stabilization, which is conscious shopping. Now I try to buy only things that are fitting, good quality and comfortable – earlier I had no idea that clothes like that are real and I can find them in supermarkets. Standing in front of my closet I still have problem with “what will be perfect for that day”, but believe me, choice is so much easier, because I have certainty that most of my clothes fits me 🙂


To sum up, there is nothing wrong with fact, that shopping is enjoyable and boosts your mood! You only need to take into account that usefulness is the most important, not pleasurement.



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