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Model’s view – photographs from commercial photo shoot – fashion

Model’s view – photographs from commercial photo shoot – fashion

by Pathyelisia, 20 March 2016

Welcome in new series: a model’s view, where you can see some photographs from commercial photo shoot of spring coats. How photo shoot like that look like?

Everything begins in the moment you get your product for the photo shoot. Depending on size and style of the product (whether it is a coat or a bottle of drink) the whole photo shoot will be carried differently. Setting the lights and setting whole studio took photographer (Krystian Krawczyk), so I will not be mentioning it at all.

How model should prepare to photo shoot like that, or rather how I did it? We didn’t have any makeup artist, hairdresser or stylist so I did everything by myself.

The most important rule of the commercial photo shoot is to take advantage of simplicity! This product we get have to take main role, not us! At the same time all outfit have to look like one piece. The best solution is to make classic make-up with a little bit darker lips and light, even invisible manicure. As you can see I left my hair straight.

Moving on to the outfit, I also didn’t go crazy here – white top, jeans and black high-heels. I added sunglasses to this outfit, just to make an impression of more „natural” situation and less like it was just taken in studio ;) To the outfit you can add some jewellery and bag, but in case of chains on the pockets I decided not to bring in any additional accessories.

We had some troubles at the photo shoot – one coat (the mint one) was a lot too big for me, but thanks to hooking this coat or my proper setup we did handle it without any problem :)

Model, make-up, sylist: Patrycja Dorynek
Photographer: Krystian Krawczyk http://www.krystiankrawczyk.com/blog/













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